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15 HP, 40.0 Amps, 230V Yaskawa CIMR-PU2A0040FAA

by Yaskawa
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Model # CIMR-PU-2A0040FAA

15 HP, 40.0 Amps, 230V, Normal Duty, P1000 Series Variable Speed Drive.

Fan and Pump Drives

The P1000 is a full featured drive, providing outstanding quality, performance, flexibility, and environmental friendliness through 1000HP. Enjoy network communications, feedback, and expandable I/O. For new installations or retrofits, the A1000 provides a single robust solution, regardless of your application.


LCD Operator with Real Time Clock

  • 5-line, 16-character alpha-numeric display with time and date stamping for events, along with timer controls for starting, stopping, and speed changes without the need for external controls.

Application Macros

  • Choose from pre-configured fan and pump setup macros to match the application for quick and easy set up.

Selectable and Custom Engineering Units

  • Allows for easy configuration of keypad display to match process and feedback devices such as PSI, GPM, Feet.

Underload Detection

  • Monitors load and will shut system down in the event of a fan belt or pump shaft breakdown.

Parameter Storage and Removable Terminal Board

  • Allows for easy replacement of control card without removing control wires, and stores all drive settings without the need for a copy device.

PI Process Control

  • Maintains a set point for closed loop control of fans and pumps for pressure, flow, or temperature regulation, and eliminates the need for a closed loop output signal from a process controller. Independent PI to control an external device in the system.

Power Quality

  • Built-in DC reactors (30 HP and larger) provide input harmonics benefit, and protection from input disturbances. Integrated 12 Pulse version (480V, 40 HP and larger) provides a cost-effective solution for low harmonics.

Dynamic Noise Control

  • Monitors the load at all times and reduces the output voltage automatically, reducing motor audible noise.

Networking Options

  • Industrial Communication
    • Modbus RTU (built-in)
    • DeviceNet
    • EtherNet/IP
    • Modbus TCP/IP
  • Building Automation Networks (BAS)
    • BACnet
    • Lonworks
    • Metasys (N2)
    • Apogee (P1


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