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Options: UUX000527 (Yaskawa Logo Membrane) - UL Rated Remote Operator Kits - Yaskawa

by Yaskawa
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Model # UUX000526
This option is used to extend an LCD or LED Digital Remote Operator to the wall of a separately priced, oversized UL Type 3R, 4, 4X, or 12 enclosure (IPX6 environment). Price includes a faceplate bezel with digital operator brackets and membrane to cover the operator cutout in the enclosure door, a 3-foot cable, a 10-foot cable, and a 1:1 template for cutting the necessary cutouts in the enclosure. Keypad can be removed after kit installation. Designed for use with the LCD Operator (JVOP-180) or the LED Operator (JVOP-182) sold separately.  Connects to RJ45 port and mounts to enclosure wall.
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