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Network Communications Options: M/N: SI-N3 - OPTION, KIT, DEVICENET, A1000 & P1000 - Yaskawa

by Yaskawa
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Model # SI-N3

DeviceNet™ With ADR. This option complies with all pertinent aspects of the ODVA (Open DeviceNet Vendor Association) specification and AC drive profile. All parameters, diagnostics, and operational commands are accessible via DeviceNet. Automatic Device Replacement (ADR) is supported in this DeviceNet option,
including the functions of Auto Baud Rate sensing and Faulted Node Recovery (using Group 4 messaging). Each DeviceNet network supports up to 63 drives. Controllers are available from many PLC and/or PC suppliers. The board mounts integrally in the drive and provides a DeviceNet standard open tap connector. The
option is configured using parameters within the drive, which allows for easy configuration eliminating the use of hardware switches. Status LEDs are viewable through the front cover and a monitor has been added to allow for improved diagnostics. 
Mounts at option connector CN5-A

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