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Network Communications Options: M/N: SI-P3 - OPTION, KIT, PROFIBUS, APQ1000 - Yaskawa

by Yaskawa
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Model # SI-P3

PROFIBUS-DP. This option complies with the PROFIBUS-DP protocol specification. All parameters, diagnostics and operational commands are accessible via PROFIBUS. The option board provides a 9-pin (F) type D-Sub connector for easily connecting to a standard PROFIBUS style, shielded twisted-pair cable. Each PROFIBUS network supports up to 99 drives. This option supports all of the PROFIBUS data rates from 9.6 Kbps to 12 Mbps. Up to 32 bytes of input data and 32 bytes of output data are provided per message transaction. Sync and Freeze modes are supported for groups. PROFIBUS-DP-V1 support (cyclic and acyclic data
exchange). Configurable PPO read and write parameters. The option is configured using parameters within the drive, which allows for easy configuration eliminating the use of hardware switches.  Status LEDs are viewable through the front cover, and a monitor has been added to allow for improved diagnostics. Option is 
backwards compatible with the previous generation option cards.
Mounts at option connector CN5-A

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